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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday & Happy 1st Anniversary

Last 15th August was my burfday.. Should i wish happy birthday to my ownself?? ohh dat is so uncool isnt it..~~ Thx to those who remember it and send ur wishes to me.. Especially my boO..

After dat came 18th August my 1st anniversary wif Rashid Ramli.. Ones whom i never expected to be my hubby one day hihi... Its not a too long story to tell but still the sweetest thing dat ever happened in my life..

To my sayang,

Thx for being part of me. I noe, my rebellious stuffy at most of the time makes it hard for u to understand me as well as our egoism have driven us to some point of nowhere but to keep blossoming our love on each other.

As on our anniversary, i pray that this bond will be last till death apart us. This is juz the beginning of our journey and the path that we will strive together is about to show it ways...

Lets walk hand-in-hand while we singing our favourite song..

ein LO.V.E

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