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Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: Arowana Spa, Taman Melawati

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Wanita mana tak sukakan SPA? Ada ker? Kalau ada xpelah kisah plak aku dia suka ke tak kan. Yang penting saya suka saya suka hihihi. Da byk jugak SPA yang aku try tp x pernah nk buat review. Okla kasi satu dulu kat blog ni sementara tgh rajin hehe.

Terpikat dengan harga kat pakej AROWANA SPA ni masa jalan2 kat GROUPON. Gile tak beli kalau 3 jam treatment harga RM38 jer. So aku amik package for 2 sbb nak bawak mak sekali syok2 kat SPA. Lokasi pun agak dekat. Terletak di belakang Bank Rakyat Taman Melawati dan menghadap kawasan parking. 

The deal

  • Full body spa for 1 person for RM38 instead of RM341
  • Full body spa for 2 people for RM68 instead of RM682 (only RM34 per person)

3-hour package includes

  • 1-hour full body massage (choose 1): 
    - Full body Royal Relaxation massage with hot stone 
    - Full body traditional Malay massage
  • 45-minute full body scrub
  • 30-minute full body mask
  • 15-minute face therapy
  • 10-minute foot detox
  • 20-minute foot reflexology
  • Serving of complimentary drink

Hari kejadian kami smpi jam 11.10 pg. Masuk je spa ni akan jumpa tempat salon dulu. OK yang ni aku suka salon and spa 1 tempat. Nanti senang kalau nk buat treatment badan dan treatment rambut :)
Then masa isi borang maklumat peribadi beselah therapist akan offer mcm2. So aku terima offer sauna untuk 2 orang sebanyak RM30 selama 30 mnt. Kemudian minyak massage plak ada halia atau serai. 2 orang dapat harga RM10. 

Baru start treatment, ada customer dtg. 3 orang dan sorang tu bakal pengantin. Terus therapist aku minta excuse untuk entertain customer tu. Antara dialog yg aku dengar:
C: (masuk kawasan bilik) Tinggal 1 bilik jer kosong mcm mana dengan yg lain?
T: Kene tunggu la.

My booking supposed to finish at 2.00pm (tu belum add time for sauna) how can they accept other booking at 12pm??? Perasaan pon da x best sbb aku berani jamin therapist mesti kalut nak kejar client. Masa tgh massage pula, therapist pujuk buat bekam angin kat bahu. Keras sgt katernyer. SO i did for 2 cups at RM15 (offer lagi katenyer). After putting masker, the therapist straightaway did facial. Tak lama lepas tu da p suruh mandi masker pon x kering lagi. Terdengar plak customer td tya kain lapik x tukar ke sbb basah ni. Therapist kata x pe basah sikit jer. Fuhh nasib baik aku kira first customer utk bilik aku. Hmmmm. 

In the deal, u can see we shoud get foot detox and foot reflexology all for 30 mnt. But we didnt. My treatment started with massage erm barely massage not Malay Massage mcm mak bidan buat, abit Bali massage laa, then scrub, afterthat sauna, masker (add bekam), facial, shower and drink. Thats all and it finished at 1.30pm. My 3 and half hour treatment had became less than 2 hour treatment.

I might put the blame on GROUPON too since their printed voucher no longer stated the details of DEAL that i bought. My mistake as well as i didnt manage to write down the details on the printed voucher. I feel unhappy and thinking to cancel 3 other packages i bought on that day. Its sumthing i need to sort out later.

Thats all.


  1. Ehhh. I pun baru balik from Arowana Beauty Spa tu. yes. I rasa dia punya service kurang memuaskan.

    1. Its not even 3 hours. mine is 2 jam setengah which includes sauna yg kena add on RM 15/pax.
    2. Then I thought ada foot detox&reflexology after I mandi, tapi dia cakap "ohh tu dah inlcude tadi masa letak scrub n mask time full body tu"
    3. Dia bersungguh promote package yg berharga RM 199 tapi I tak minat since time promo groupon pun dia dah x treat I nicely, why should I come again..

    1. Pihak Arowana Beauty Spa mengambil berat feedback dan maklum balas dari pihak customer.. Untuk makluman saudari ,staf yg terlibat telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya.. Segala kesulitan amatlah dikesali...
      Terima kasih...

    2. hazwanie, thx for giving a response in my blog.

      Tp adakah staf yg dimaksudkan di sini yg ditamatkan perkhidmatan? ms sy pergi dia ckp dia in cahrge bcoz bos went holiday in oversea. Btw, sy beli pakej 3spa berharag RM199 tp belum pernah pergi claim.

    3. Staf yg ditamatkn khidmatnya itu bernama Siti Zubaidah..
      Jgn risau... cik boleh call atau whatsapp ke number 0192226825...

  2. I have treatment on this Worst Arowana Beauty Spa i ever had in my life and i am foreigner.I am dissapointed to my treatment i availed.

    First i supposedly book on the other day and i call and message them 3 days prior before my day of the treatment but they said fully booked and if have slot we will message me.So i wake up and checked my phone they tell me this morning that have slot at 9am they message me 7:55am.i message the girl can i do treatment at 9:30am and she reply ok but earlier more better.Im far from the place because i lived in Imbi station.I reached the area at 9:30am and find the spa so im late for 15mins.Second i tell i want hotstone.In the Treatment room i ask what is the procedure they tell me hotstone 1st and bodyscrub.I ask can we do BodyScrub 1st after you can massage me the lady said cannot they need to follow the procedure on groupon.(plus annoying face to me) So I let them do the treatment but the girl who massage me is not good and not understand english. She starting to do hot stone and im shocked because they do the stone massage but the stone is hot and take note have warm water.i didnt feel the stone is hot thats why i start to change the massage to aromatherapy.But before that i wait for 40mins because i checked the two rooms they have two guest plus me equals two and they are two staff only.i think we are all same treatment.I just saying OMG!!i feel angry!they not let finish the treatment before accepting again a guest.They switching the other girl starting to massage me but you know how long did she do my back only 15mins plus the scrub,bodywrap together.After that waiting again for 30mins because they doing another guest and they do my frontbody the other girl massage me again for 10mins very fast and the other girl apply the scrub and body wrap together again for 5mins.after that i wait for started irritated and annoying. The two girls laughing at me they talking about me and i have translator so when they talk automaticaly record it and translate in english.This 1st time i treat like this on the Spa.They finish the treatment to the 2 custumer.After long time waiting the other girl who do failed hotstone to me do the face therapy. She do it for 7mins instead 15mins.After that i wait for 15mins again.While waiting they accept againa new 2 custumer.I feel annoying thats why i called they "excuse me am i finish?" then they tell "oh your finish and go to bathroom" they not lead me to the bathroom and dont have shower gel on bathroom thats why i asked them for that.After i finish my Shower they tell me to change clothes and Shocked and i ask them i still have foot detox and foot reflexology.The other malay lady inside the room tell to other lady tell them finish.i start asking them where is your manager and they give i think the team leader of the spa number who booked for me for this treatment not the manager or the owner.I called her she answer and i start to tell all what happen but she end our called conversation she alibi that shes busy to her child only whatapp or message still i keep telling on message my experience.Without leaving the spa because im not yet finish for the whole treatment.Also is that proper way to treat your customer or guest?.i feel angry and dissapointed for this Spa.The girl o spoke in the phone tell me she accept me this treatment is for malaysian only but i didnt see on groupon that malaysian only can availed this package.But my point is if im foreigner they treat me like this? And the girl tell me "what did you expect on the price? Cheapest price".Is that proper way?So unprofessional treatment and why they like that.First time i wrote on the blog.I always visit spa and im therapist also before but we do not treat our custumer like this.Dont have respect,not relaxing and pamper yourself.First time i experience this in my entire whole life so dont expect or dont availed this promotion you will getting angry and dissponted only.Dont waste your money for this promotion.

    1. hi anonymous, it must be very disappointing on that moment right? Its ok. I myself take it as an experience. There a lot of spa in Imbi as well in Kuala Lumpur. One of it at Fahrenheit 88. Must try there if u come here again. :)

  3. I've got good treatment and yet very satisfying service. One of the best therapist is Bella. Go after her and u decide. Please claim the 199 voucher, if taknak bagi i haha