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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chatime RM1 ThirstDay Deal


Ok ini ketagihan baru yang melanda diri ini. Lately, selera makan kembali menyerang seperti terdapat virus2 yang menyebarkan penyakit mengunyah pada mulut ni.

I barely had my 1st to call my own Chatime treat about two weeks ago and it happened that i drank two cups of it the next day hahaha. Next after next day terus googling about chatime bcoz the cashier did mentioned about their promotions which i didnt paid much attentions as i termenung jap tgk the baristas making the drinks.. Wonder if my skills still in me.. i just love making drinks for people . Satisfied.

So bukak pakcik Google and found this. Wallawey~~ Yummeh!

Thirstea Member: present your card upon order and treat yourself to a 2nd drink at RM1* ONLY!
Non Member : Receive 50% for the 2nd Cup.

*Excluding Chatime Queensbay Mall, Penang
*Applicable on THURSDAYS, between 3PM-6PM ONLY
*2nd Cup offer applies for drink worth RM5.90 or LOWER value ONLY 
*Not in conjunction with other promotions and/or vouchers
*Not valid for delivery services
*Other terms & conditions may apply

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