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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kalif Ismail

Haa kawan2 masih igt lagi dengan sorang budak lelaki ni yg selalu pakai seluar baggy and key kat kepala then bwk beg besar mcm guni? Ala yg selalu ngn best fren die Amir tu.... Yezza he's Kalif Ismail now doing his master in Switzerland, if im x mistaken :b . Anyway he did tell me how he really mish us as he wanted to come and join us so much on dat day but of course he cant. So he gives this web which he's been using it to upload his latest pics for us to noe 5W1H he is doing over there. So guys, do check it out if u mish his "BEB" or if u hv forgotten who is this KALIF anyway? Duhhh~

Click Here to check it out -->> Kalif Ismail

ein O_o

1 comment:

  1. Hahah, beg besa macam guni hahah. thats funny!