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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thankful Breath - Tablo

This lyric has catching my breath and my thought..

Even if it’s a sigh, I’m thankful of my breathEven on sleepless nights, the welcoming pillowThe applause that used to make me dream, is pastNow I become mesmerized with my daughter’s applauseI can’t say that I have lost everythingBecause even after losing 99, I still find little things impressiveI'm smilingTo me, the words, “I wannna die”?No, let it beThe things that makes me breathe is the calm rainThe sweet time wasting with friendsRed flowers, blue flowers, the cloud flowers in early morningsPlenty of laughter flowers in the garden called, loveBloom, my heart’s restThe wind of Jejudo, the night lights in SeoulEpic High’s music that I hear in the streets while walkingThe eyes of my wife and my baby
*Can I stop suffering now?Can I stop fearing now?Can I laugh just as much as I cried?Get up and stand up
When I opened my fist, a handshake was welcoming meWhen people’s applause was welcoming me as I opened my closed heartThe wrinkles in my forehead disappearAnd the sky is full of smilesExciting the smiley glandsI swallow a mouthful of happiness
Let it go, little boy, I let it go, maThe hopes that I wanted to grab with both of handsI had too much hope and dreams in meIt was so high where I couldn’t reachBut I don’t wanna lose itThe closed heart is so narrow, unable to containIt will break because of too much forceYou don’t wanna see, I was ashamedFor a minute, it’ll be just a minuteEverybody makes mistakes and misunderstandsGet your mind right, go straight, balance yourselfAnd first, go find your love that you have lost thenSecond, find your dream, throw and gain back your confidenceThird, to my friend who helped me out a lotHere I go
Being normal is good enough for meI’m curious of the soap opera’s ending that I usually didn’t want to knowIt was uncomfortable to even listen to music butThe artists that I like keep releasing albumsBy watching comedy shows that I didn’t want to be inI regained the feeling of laughing that I completely forgotThank you to all the people in the tv screen
**There are still many empty notebooks that I need to fillThere are many hyung and dongseng^ that I need to take care ofThere are still many questions that I haven’t askedAnd many answers that I haven’t received

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